Marking and Identification Specialists - Eyre and Baxter
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Zinc and Plastic Stencils, Stencil Sprays Inks and Rollers, Stencil Cutting Machines and Oilboards Etched Nameplates, Embossed Nameplates, Cast Nameplates, Machine Fascias, Moulded Plates
Branding Irons, Gas Torch Brander, Interchangeable Type Dies, Fire Brands Handstamps, Machine Stamps, Steel Type and Holders, Franking Rolls, Special Machine Type

steel handstamps, punches, stencils, branding irons
fire brands, electrochemical etching, nameplates
plaques, badges, control panels, fascias, metal markers
rubber sandblasting stencils, steel type, rubber type
rubber stamps, daters, numberers, embossing presses
machine dies, stencil spray, pads, rollers, engraving


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