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Electrochemical marking or etching is a process by which a low voltage current passes through an electrolyte to etch away an area of a metal component. A stencil placed between an electrode and the component restricts the area of etching to the stencil design, which may be a trademark, part number or similar identification mark.
Any metal can be etched be it flat, round, solid or hollow, assembled or loose provided that it is conductive, that is, not painted, anodised or otherwise insulated. The process takes only one or two seconds, marks are about 0.025mm (.0001”) deep and because no deformation of the surround metal takes place the mark is not only permanent but also stress free. Clear etch marks, black oxide marks or white marks on chemically blacked components can be achieved depending on the function and electrolyte selected.
The process is used extensively to mark cutlery, tools, taps, drills, saw blades, and in the automotive and aircraft industries.
Eyre & Baxter have been supplying electrochemical equipment for more than forty years and design and development during that period have provided us with a range of simple to use, extremely reliable products to suit many industrial needs.
We shall be pleased to answer any queries regarding the process or to sample mark on request.

EB Handietch Machine
An industrial etching unit designed for customers who regularly need to hand mark components. The unit is simple to use, light, portable and needs little or no maintenance. All that is required is a small bench area and 240v electricity supply. To operate simply attach the pad to the basic marker, moisten with electrolyte, place the component on the

earthing plate and the stencil over the area to be marked, plug in, switch on and start etching.
EB Handietch Machine

125 Electrolytic Marking Machine
Semi-automatic unit which is designed to mark larger numbers on a production run basis. It has a pneumatically operated marking head and is capable of up to 3,000 marking strokes per hour. There is a choice of automatic cycling with variable pause and mark periods, or single cycles by foot switch or workpiece actuation. Usually supplied with electrolyte pump.

Roll Marking Kit
Designed to enable easy marking of round sections and is used in conjunction with the Handietch unit. The component is rolled over a bench mounted unit utilising a hand held earthing contact.

Roll marking is commonly used for marking drills, taps and round tools.

Roll Marking Kit for Easy Marking of Round Sections.
Basic Markers & Pads
Available in standard sizes 12 x 38mm, 25 x 50mm, 37 x 50mm or made to order.
Cartridge markers also available with an electrolyte reservoir in the handle.
Basic Markers and Pads
Die Impression Stencil Paper
Inscriptions made usually on a typewriter on the stencil setting. Short run sheets for one-off usage with up to 20 marks per stencil.
Brother Stencils
Brother stencil machines are available for making short run stencils from a tissue tape cassette. The machine features a QWERTY keyboard, screen, and offers variable character height & style, with several lines up to 18mm total impression height.  The machine can be linked to your PC to produce logos and special designs.

steel handstamps, punches, stencils, branding irons
fire brands, electrochemical etching, nameplates
plaques, badges, control panels, fascias, metal markers
rubber sandblasting stencils, steel type, rubber type
rubber stamps, daters, numberers, embossing presses
machine dies, stencil spray, pads, rollers, engraving


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Info! What you will need..
  • Etching unit c/w earthing plate
  • Basic marker
  • Basic marker pads
  • Stencil
  • Electrolyte
  • Cleaner
Nylon Long Life Stencils
Stencils made to order using a photographic process. For repeat marking of company logos, trade marks, etc. Several thousand impressions can be made per stencil. Available as a stencil cap, card or as a loose stencil. These produce the very best quality mark possible and are the most cost effective option for regular multiple component marking.
Electrolytes and Cleaners
Any electro-conducive metal can be marked and a range of electrolytes is available for marking different materials. Self-cleaning electrolytes can also be supplied to keep stencils clear for production run marking.
Electrolytes and Cleaners

ME3 Stainless Steel
ME6 Low Carbon/Tool Steel
ME7 High Speed/Cobalt/Tool Steel
PSC2 Low Carbon/Mild Steel/Stainless Steel (self-cleaning)

EB Handietch, Basic Markers and Pads, Electrolytes and Cleaners
Electrolytes for Stainless Steel
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