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All types of rubber stamps including self inking and dating stamps are available and can be delivered within 48 hours of an order being placed.  Pads and inks are also available.
Direct access to our catalogue will be available through this page shortly.
Until then, we will be pleased to offer advice and provide a quote upon receipt of an enquiry, or we can send you a catalogue.

Info! What we need to know
Please answer the following questions when contacting us with an enquiry:
  • What size of mark do you wish to make? (Prices are based on the size of the stamp)
  • What text or design do you need on your stamp
  • What colour ink do you require
  • What text font do you require? (Helvetica standard)

Rubber Stamps, Rubber Band Stamps, Deep Cut Rubber or Polymer Dies

steel handstamps, punches, stencils, branding irons
fire brands, electrochemical etching, nameplates
plaques, badges, control panels, fascias, metal markers
rubber sandblasting stencils, steel type, rubber type
rubber stamps, daters, numberers, embossing presses
machine dies, stencil spray, pads, rollers, engraving


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