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Steel handstamps, type and dies are used for impact marking and are one of the simplest forms of marking. Clear, deep and permanent marks can be made into metal, plastic, wood and other materials either using a hand held hammer or a wide range of machinery such as a percussion press or fly press.

Standard Sets
Made from hardened and tempered tool steel, these stamps are supplied in standard sets of 27 pieces (A-Z) and 10 pieces (0-9) and are presented in a specially designed plastic box.
Available from 1mm to 12.5mm character size.
27 Piece (A-Z) Letters - and 10 Piece (0-9) Numbers Steel Stamps
Reverse Handstamps/ Die Stamps
These are generally used for marking moulds and produce a negative impression on the mould which gives a positive (readable) impression on the moulded part.
Reverse Handstamps
Low Stress/Dot Stress Handstamps
These stamps are used when minimum stress conditions are important, for example in the oil and aircraft industries. Available in round faced mini-stress style of characters and dot-stress form.
Low Stress / Dot Stress Handstamps
Heavy Duty Stamps
Traditional deep cut and filed up handstamps. Produced on forged blanks, these stamps are recommended for arduous conditions.
(Can be supplied with deep fullers for rodding.)
Heavy Duty Handstamps
Special Handstamps
Made to customer’s own specification and may be name stamps, trademarks, logos, inspectors stamps, etc.
We will be pleased to provide advice and a quote upon receiving an enquiry.
Special Handstamps
Wood Handstamps / Joiner's Stamps
Used for marking furniture, turned wood components, musical instruments, violin bridges, etc. these stamps are cut at a steeper angle than those used for marking metals so that they cut into the wood rather than crush it and produce a clear mark.
Steel Type
Steel type is used to indent a mark into metal, plastic or other material. Individual pieces are held in either a hand holder or machine holder. The individual pieces can be changed with ease. As the whole mark is made in one blow it is neater and faster than using individual handstamps. Standard sets of 0-9, A-Z and fount sets are available from 1mm-10mm.
Wedge type, logotypes and special type pieces can be quoted upon receipt of your specification.
Steel Type
Marks & Dies
Special marks and dies can be made to customer specification. Rollmarking dies, embossing dies, coining dies, cable marking dies, flymarks, machine stamps, press tool inserts, date/coding inserts, etc can be produced.
We will be pleased to provide advice and a quote upon receiving an enquiry.
Marks and Dies including Rollmarking Dies, Embossing Dies, Coining dies, Date / Coding Inserts - all to Customer Requirements
Hand Numberers
For use with a hammer and available in character sizes from 1.5 to 6.0mm with wheels engraved 0-9 and blank station.
Almost any combination of letters and figures can be achieved in a range of sizes and with a simple modification can be adapted for use in a machine press.
Hand Numberers
Auto Numberers
For use in a press and available in 4 standard character sizes of 1.5, 2, 2.5 & 3mm having the facility to sequentially number components.

steel handstamps, punches, stencils, branding irons
fire brands, electrochemical etching, nameplates
plaques, badges, control panels, fascias, metal markers
rubber sandblasting stencils, steel type, rubber type
rubber stamps, daters, numberers, embossing presses
machine dies, stencil spray, pads, rollers, engraving


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Please answer the following questions when contacting us with an enquiry:
  • What type of steel stamp do you require?
  • What size mark do you wish to make?
  • What material do you wish to mark?
  • Please send artwork if you have it, or even photographs of an old mark you wish to replicate.
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