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We specialise in purpose made stencils for marking pallets, skips, drums and packaging to name but a few markable items.  Our stencils are available in traditional zinc, polythene and magnetic rubber.  Anything from company logos, to special designs or motifs can be produced in computer cut quality within 48 hours of ordering.

International Shipping Stencils
The seven symbols can be supplied as a set or individually and can be cut from zinc, polythene or magnetic rubber that is ideal for stencil marking containers.
International Shipping Stencils
Individual and Interlocking Stencil Sets
Our interlocking stencils are available in various sizes and allow you to make up your own words or phrases, equally spacing each piece.
Stencils can also be supplied as individual letters or numbers in sizes ranging from 12mm up to 600mm.
Interlocking Stencils and Individual Stencils, Available as Numbers and Letters - Sizes from 12mm to 600mm.
Special Stencils
We are capable of producing most logos and designs as stencils in any of the three materials.  We can also produce words, phrases, sequences of numbers e.g. telephone numbers, and addresses as stencils.
Please enquire and send your design for a quote.
Logos and Designs Produced as Stencils - Numbers, Letters, Motifs etc. All Custom Made.
ISPM 15 Stencils
One of our specialities is the speedy production of ISPM 15 timber packaging marking stencils in a range of sizes. 
The designs of our stencils are regularly updated so that they satisfy current requirements.
Speedy Production of ISPM 15 Timber Packaging Marking Stencils in a Range of Sizes.
Stencil Cutting Machines
These machines are available in a variety of sizes from 1/2” up to 2” characters.  They produce stencils in oil board and are operated simply and easily by turning a wheel and pulling a lever to cut your chosen letter or number.
Stencil Oil Board
Supplied in four sizes in packs of 100.
Stencil Spray*
Our specially formulated marking ink is available in 400ml cans. The ink is fast drying and waterproof, ideal for stencilling and general colour coding on a wide variety of materials.
Available in 8 stock colours: black, blue, red, yellow, white, green, brown, orange.
Stencil Spray
Marking Inks*
Marking inks are for use together with rollers or brushes on porous and non-porous surfaces. 
All colours are available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers.

*Appropriate thinners/solvents are available for all inks.

The Junior Roller
Low cost basic foam rubber stencil roller for use with polyfoam ink pads.  Used for marking all materials in conjunction with a stencil.
Available in three sizes:
  • 1.5” x 2”
  • 3” x 2”
  • 6” x 2”
Junior Roller Set

steel handstamps, punches, stencils, branding irons
fire brands, electrochemical etching, nameplates
plaques, badges, control panels, fascias, metal markers
rubber sandblasting stencils, steel type, rubber type
rubber stamps, daters, numberers, embossing presses
machine dies, stencil spray, pads, rollers, engraving


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Info! What we need to know
Please answer the following questions when contacting us with an enquiry:
  • What material do you need your stencil making from (zinc, plastic or magnetic rubber)?
  • What do you want the stencil to say? Please provide the text and layout or send artwork if you want a design stencil.
  • What size of stencil is required?
The Stencil Pad Set
A mohair head is charged with ink by depressing once into the well of a reservoir.
Stencil Pad Set
The Model B Fountain Stencil Roller or Brush Ink is contained with in the handle and its flow is controlled by means of a push button.  The brush is particularly suitable for rough sawn timber.

Stencil Spray and Stencils - Custom Stencils produced in Zinc, Polythene / Plastic and Magnetic Rubber
Stencil Inks and Rollers and Pads
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